Check out the FunRun obstacles!

Start Mountain

Start the race off with a bang climbing over Start Mountain! Measuring over 35ft long and 14 feet high, this will get your blood pumping and wanting to find the next obstacle!

The Hurdles

How well can you manuever through the Hurdles obstacle? Go over or under, but either way, this obstacle will test your ability!

Ripple Runner

Test your agility while you run over ripples to get to the rope climb! Then climb more than 20 feet up in the air to slide down the Ripple Runner slide.

Coming in at 90 feet long and 23 feet high, the Ripple Runner is sure to test you!

The Gauntlet

This inflatable is three sections and over 90 feet of PURE OBSTACLE FUN!

Pick a tunnel and start your way through 90 feet of challenges!

Storm the Walls

It's a race to see who can scale the walls!

Oh Balls!

Can you make the jump from one ball to another without wiping out? Your balance is sure to be tested over this 50 feet of bouncing fun!

The Plummet

Standing at over 30 feet tall and 65 feet long, this slide is sure to get your adrenaline rushing as you slide down it!

Leap of Faith

Get ready to take a leap on this free fall stunt jump!

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